We are a family oriented metal detecting club in Northern Illinois. Our club was formed in October of 2010 and the founding members are still active with the club.  Our current enrollment consists of 152 members, which includes A number of young metal detectorists.

We meet on the second Monday of every month , 7pm at 931 Third Steet, LaSalle, IL. ph. 815-481-7957. (click on IVHRRA under Directions/Map to get directions to the Meeting)

Guests are always welcome .


We have raffles and door prize drawings. Once a year there is a fund raising raffle that helps to finance various club events with major prizes donated by members or manufacturers.

At the meetings we have display tables set up for exhibiting member's finds.
The meeting is also a great place for members to discuss research and hunting techniques and methods, demonstrations of equipment, 'how to' sessions and general knowledge sharing.

Club activities include club hunts twice a month, club family picnics and a Christmas dinner party.

Some of the activities at picnics include a regular club hunt and a seeded hunt for coins and prizes.
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For additional information, please email us at info@ivhrra.com

Our staff

  • Bob Cessna

    President Bob enjoys the metal detecting hobby as a way of getting away from the…

  • John Mateika

    Vice President   John is a veteran metal detectorist who enjoys getting out and finding…

  • Betsy King

    Secretary     ~~~~~ Betsy King I got involved with IVHRRA a few years ago joining as…

  • Father Paul Meismer

    Treasurer    ~~~~~~ Father Paul Meismer, Father Paul joined the rank and file of Illinois…

  • Mike Vaini

    Membership    ~~~~~ Michael Vaini A twenty some year veteran of metal detecting, Mike heads…

  • Ray Grypp

    Marketing Director   ~~~~ Ray Grypp – Age 77 from Geneseo,Il , Married with 4 children,10…