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Michael Vaini

A twenty some year veteran of metal detecting, Mike heads up the membership committee for our local club. When someone wishes to join the ranks of IVHRRA, Mike takes their vital statistics:
Name, Address and Phone Number. He is also the collector of the "dues" and the one who issues the inductee a club number.

Other Offices held by Mr. Vaini included Hunt Master for a few years, Coffee and Donuts procurator for club hunts and he presently sits on the Executive board in an advisory capacity as well as being on the Field Committee for our 1“ Annual National Hunt which will take place in June(25“' and 26”‘) of this year. Mike has been very instrumental in recovery of many keepsakes such as wedding rings, class rings and the like.

Mike is married to Susan and the father of two adult sons.When Mike is not otherwise occupied you will find him afield with detector in hand...with him it
borders on obsession. For tips and tactics he would be your go to guy.

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