Treasurer    ~~~~~~

Father Paul Meismer,

Father Paul joined the rank and file of Illinois Valley Historic Research and Recovery Association about four years ago. Semi—retired Catholic priest of the Peoria Diocese, Father Meismer became interested in the ”detector game’ at the urging of his longtime friend, Mr. Hillstrom who brought him to his first meeting. Soon to make more friends, Father Paul was invited to club hunts and in short fashion became the 52”“ member in good standing.

Soon a vacancy in the Treasurer’s department gave rise to Father Paul's nomination and
eventual election to the position. Father has held the trusted position for three years and has been successful in keeping the wolf's paw out of doors. Innovative thinking has the club vying for raffled silver, planted silver at club hunts, and several other money making adventures. You can find Father Paul in the metal detecting mode most any summer/fall day with occasional lapses for his other main attraction: fishing.

Father lives in rural Granville and even plants coins in his own yard for others to find. His
famous line: "|t’s all in the hunt."

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