Illinois Valley Historical Research & Recovery Association

National Treasure Hunt 2018

Held Aug 18th and 19th 2018

Our first national hunt was held in August of 2018. We had about 100 participants over the 2 days. For the most part the attendee’s came from about a 200 mile radius. Everyone who came enjoyed themselves and was able to walk away with many coins during each hunt. We planted over 1000 silver coins as well as modern coins to give everyone a good chance of finding targets throughout the hunt fields. A comment made by one detectorist was, ” this was one of the most target rich hunts I’ve attended in several years”. Another fun comment was”Wow, I don’t know who the guys or gals were that planted these targets but they had a wicked sense of humor about were to plant targets in the strangest places”. They were referring to targets that were hidden in tree trunks, under bottle caps, pull tab rich areas and even close to the starting lines. I guess our planters outdid themselves on several occasions.

Listed below are the hunts that we sponsored.
Saturday Aug 18th            Three Major Hunts plus a Kids Hunt
1st Silver Dime Hunt
Targets include Silver Dimes, variety of other coins and prize tokens.
2nd Silver Quarter Hunt
Targets include Silver Quarters, variety of other coins and prize tokens.

Lunch    12:00 to 1:30     Food vendors were available at the park

Kids Hunt — Age 12 and Under                                       1
Targets include silver coins, a variety of other coins and prize tokens
3rd Silver Half Dollar Hunt
Targets include Silver Half Dollars, variety of other coins and prize tokens.

Sunday Aug 19th Digging For Dollars Hunt
Silver Dollar Hunt
Targets include Silver Dollars, silver rounds, Susan B. Anthony etc. and many other coins and prize tokens.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of the participants, the city of Oglesby, Il and the Park District, the food vendors who fed us all and most of all all of the sponsor who donated the prizes that were award for finding the tokens. IVHRRA also thanks all of the club members and others who volunteered their time and energy to making the event a success.