CALENDAR (Hunts, Meetings,Ect)


~~>  Important Dates <~~

  • IVHRRA Club Hunt / Cookout ~~
  • CPR Class/
  • IVHRRA Club Hunt/Cook Out ~ KOA ~ November 9th ~ 8:00 AM

~~>  Club Hunts <~~


Hunt 1

Plants to AVOID


Hunt 2

Plants to AVOID


~~> IVHRRA Hunt Rules <~~

* Hunts will be held rain or shine.

* All hunters must wear headp@hones.

* Small hand-held digging or scratching tools may be used. If

detecting in grass where digging is not permitted, these tools can
be used to only move the grass,leaves,ect.

* Digging tool will be no larger than 2" wide and 8" long.

*  handheld electronic pin pointers or probes will be permitted.

* All holes must be filled in. 

* Do not rebury junk in hole.

* Coins will be buried no deeper than 1 to 2 inches in most Seeded hunts.

* Sand Scoops/Sifters/Shovels and Hole-Hog-type digging tools

are prohibited, unless detecting in a beach environment and
approved by the Hunt Master. 

* Members may bring Guests to none seeded Hunts.

*Decisions of the Hunt Master are final .