Membership Form

Downloadable pdf:  IVHRRA Membership Form

Membership in Illinois Valley Historical Research and Recovery Association is open to anyone regardless of nationality, race, sex, creed or religious beliefs, who has an interest in treasure hunting and agrees to abide by the club by-laws and the FMDAC Code of Ethics.

Membership is on an annual basis, renewable in January of each year. There are two levels of memberships.
Active Member $30.00 per year. Any person 18 years of age or older on January 1.
Family Membership … $36 per year. This membership includes the spouse,and children under 18.  Family members receive voting rights in club matters, and are eligible for club sponsored hunts.

This money is used to support the club activities.

Name:     ______________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City, State, Zip : ________________________________________________

Evening Telephone : _____________________________________________

Cell Phone        :______________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________

Manufacturer of Metal Detector(s) Owned:





[] $30.00                   [] $36.00

Date joined: ________________________________

IVHRRA member ID# : ________________________

Please Print, Fill it out and bring to the monthly meeting.

Downloadable pdf:  IVHRRA Membership Form