Buddy hunts

It is always more fun when you make a good find if there is someone along to share the excitement. IVHRRA offers the opportunity to meet people similarly enthusiastic about the hobby.

We often have two and three person hunts throughout the week in local parks, schools, old homes, Farms, etc...

If you are interested in a buddy to hunt with , someone here or with you in your area, please contact us.

Anyone who would like to be listed here, please e-mail me and I will add you to the list.


                        People looking for someone to hunt with.   

Kevin  B                Dalzell,IL                                           Claywilliam71@yahoo.com

Dallas S                 La Salle,IL                                        Saferitesr@gmail.com

John M                  Sring Valley,IL                                   Jmate2@hotmail.com

Floyd  B                Utica,IL                                              Beamsutica@aol.com

Steve,Kathy        Paw Paw,IL                                        stevea701@msn.com

Mike V                   Peru ,IL                                              suevaini@yahoo.com

Gary B                   Earlville,IL                                          bjangary@aol.com

Bill King                 Peru,IL                                                BillKing42@aol.com

Paul V                Rockford,IL                                        p_venez@comcast.net