Find of the Month         

There will be 10categories for everyone to enter.  Finds of the month will be held from ?untilNovember at each meeting.  You have the option to save your best find from the year and bring it to November meeting for a separate voting.For Best Cent and Best Coin (US Coins),the coins will be judged for the money value.  The coin with the highest value will get an extra 3 points towards their overall score; they will be judged by the lowest grade value listed in the Whitman Red Book, regardless of what kind of shape the coin is in.The judging will be by the FOM judge.Everyone is encouraged to bring their finds to show everyone.  The top 5 members with the most points will be presented with a prize at the Christmas Party.


1.      Only current paid members are allowed to enter the contest

2.      Only one item will be accepted for each category.

3.      Items found in club hunts that are seeded will NOT be accepted

4.      All items entered need to be found since the last contest and entered before the meeting starts

5.      In the event that a member can’t make the meeting, those finds may be entered by a proxy (no point given for attendance)

6.      All coins entered must be pre-1965, except for foreign coins; those may be from any year.

7.      All coins entered must stay in the same condition as coming out of the ground (no cleaning; any coin cleaned or store bought will be disqualified)

8.      Coins CANNOT be entered in a coin holder

9.      Anyone at the meeting can vote, even if they aren’t a paid member.


Oldest1-2 cent pieces (US)


Best 1-2 cent pieces (US)

Best Misc.

Oldest Coin 3 cents and up (US)


Best Coin 3 cents and up (US)

Multiple Find




Points will be tracked throughout the year; a running total will be provided at each meeting and on the webpage.  All entries will receive 1 point.  Attendance at the meeting will also receive 1 point.  The most money value coin and cent will receive additional 3 points.  1st place in each category gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points, and 3rd place gets 1 point.  The judging of the coin and cent will be by the FOM judge; in the event FOM judge is not present, judging will fall to the president of the club.  The coins will be judged with the current Whitman Red Book. The judge has the final say in the judging of the coin and cent


Enter your best find that you think will win the find of the year.  If your find of the month for November is also what you would like to enter for Find of the Year, it may be entered twice in its respective category.  November will be the ONLY month where you can enter your finds as both ‘Find of the Month’ and ‘Find of the Year’.  There will be separate voting at the November meeting.  Winner will be announced at the Christmas party and presented with a prize.  In the event there is a tie for the winner, each person in the tie -- their number will be placed in a hat.  Then a winner will drawn.

Find of the Month Report

July 2014


Oldest Cent

1st Place               Member unknown (1856)

2nd Place              Ryan Holzkopf (1885 Indian)

3rd Place               Kevin Barkley (1888 Indian)

Best Cent

1st Place               Kevin Barkley (1889 Indian)

2nd Place              Wally Curtin (1920)

3rd Place               Ryan Holzkopf (1925 Lincoln)

Oldest Coin

1st Place               Kevin Barkley (1851 Seated Dime)

2nd Place              Mark Lenz (1907 Barber Dime)

3rd Place               Wally Curtin (1918D)

Best Coin

1st Place               Paul Goldsmith (1921 Dollar)

2nd Place              Ryan Holzkopf (1892 Columbian Half)

3rd Place               Bob Holycross (1899 Barber Dime)


1st Place               Wally Curtin (Silver Chain & Religious Medal)

2nd Place              Bob Holycross (.925 Silver Ring)

3rd Place               Mark Lenz (Old Pin Front)


1st Place               Frank Juarez (Watch Fob)

2nd Place              Wally Curtin (Tag: Theo Boetcher Mendota, IL)

3rd Place               Father Paul (Pony Shoe)

Best Misc

1st Place               Kevin Barkley (Army Button)

2nd Place              Wally Curtin (Silver Plated Mother/Baby)

3rd Place               Bob Holycross (Matvix Key Ring Steering Wheel Style)


1st Place               Father Paul (Palmolive)

2nd Place              Kevin Barkley (5 Cent Trade Token Dalzell, IL)

3rd Place               Wally Curtin (#23 Basketball Token)

Multiple Find

1st Place               Kevin Barkley (2 Rings found under clothesline)

2nd Place              Father Paul (5 Silver Rings)

3rd Place               Wally Curtin (Pair of Carnival Tokens)


1st Place               Mark Lenz (1904 Canada Silver 5 cent)

2nd Place              Kevin Barkley (India One Pice 1952)

3rd Place               Wally Curtin (1964 Canadian Cent)

Top 4 members with the most amount of points.


1st Place              

2nd Place              

3rd Place              

4th Place