Private individuals are welcome to contact us for help in locating lost metal items.
Our club members are skilled at finding and recovering lost items. We can help you find lost jewelry, watches, coins, keys, tools, or other metal objects.

Please email your request to

Someone will contact you within 48 hours.

Can you find my ring/jewelry/keys,etc? … Probably! Especially if you have a good idea of where it was lost. Finding a ring in a football field sized area may be time consuming and challenging whereas, items lost in residential lawns are usually more readily recovered. Typically there is no charge for us to look unless there are some material costs or a significant amount of time or distance involved. Often all we ask of residents is permission to use our metal detector on the property to see what other items we my recover to add to our collection.

Additional resources to find lost items outside of our local area.
Lost Item Resource page.