Special Auction

Current high bid at the close of the day.
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Auction Rules:
1. The opening bids must be a minimum of $350. (this is the reserve price)
2. Bids must be emailed to info@ivhrra.com
3.  The highest bids will be posted above.
4. All Bids received will be reviewed and posted in the order received.
5. Bids will be date and time stamped and the bidders will be advised in case of duplicate bids.
6. The auction will be closed at midnight on March 4th 2022.
7. Payment will check or cash. Delivery for members will be free. Any shipping charges outside of the IVHRRA or WCHRRA service areas will be added.

IVHRRA purchased a new Technetics T2 detector in 2019 to use as a prize. Then the COVID years hit, 2020 and 2021. We didn’t have any meeting in 2020. Meetings in late 2021 started slow and member attendance has been low. We have decided to auction off the detector, so we can get into the hands of a member or other interested party.   MSRP is $599.99    Proceeds of this auction will be used for new prizes.

Here’s the product features:                   Technetics T2 Professional Metal Detector
Single easy to use controlsLarge                                                                 LCD screen with target identification display
Straight forward menu driven user interface                                        Bar graph readout of ground mineral concentration
Trigger actuated FASTGRAB ground canceling w/ manual override        Waterproof 11″ open frame BiAxial search coil
Single filter All Metal Modefor maximum detection depths              Double filter Discrimination modes for searching in trashy areas
Trigger actuated target pinpointing with Variable audio pitch